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Move into your dream home for just 3%, then build up your deposit while you live in the property. It's rent-to-own homes by PublicSquare.

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Move in for just 3%
(no upfront bond, LMI, or stamp duty)
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Continue building your deposit
(with weekly contributions)
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Buy when you're ready
(with our Future-Mortgage Guarantee)

Rent-to-buy in Queensland 🏝️🦘

PublicSquare was formed to bridge the gap between renting and homeownership on our rent-to-own home service. If you are searching for a rent to buy house in QLD, you’ll know how competitive the real estate market is in this state. Cairns is the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. Brisbane is like a big breath of fresh air with world class beaches and a laid back culture that makes it such a desirable place to live. There are so many reasons why the state of QLD has become a top choice for families, young professionals and those who are looking to get away form the hustle and bustle of city life. Read More

How do I Rent to Buy a House in QLD?

With property prices on the rise, most people are being priced out of the market. If you fall into this category, did you know there’s another option to buying your dream home in QLD? Let us tell you about our rent to buy model in QLD

With our roots firmly planted in Brisbane, we have first-hand experience of the challenges that come with buying a home in QLD. We’ve been through the process time and time again and our team will be with you on your journey to becoming a homeowner. Our approach is a new take on rent to own homes;

  • We offer an easy application system that quickly evaluates your eligibility. We don’t want to waste your time. 
  • Following assessments by our team, you will have to provide 3% of the cost of your home as your kickstarter contribution. This can later be used to offset the total fee at a later date.
  • Unlike the usual 10%-20% home loan loan deposits, we aim to provide a feasible financial alternative. 
  • You choose your home from our listed properties or from the open-market (Plus customers only, see pricing plans) and, if your finances are in order, we will manage the transaction and you can move in as soon as the property is ready.

How is a PublicSquare Rent to Buy a Home different?

  • 3% kickstarter payment (Instead of 10-20% home loan deposit)
  • Less upfront costs (no bond or upfront LMI or stamp duty)
  • Simple weekly contributions equalling 50% of rent. Add these to your initial 3% kickstarter to save up your deposit.
  • Complete your purchase on at your own pace within a 4-7 year timeframe.
  • Future purchase price based on independent valuation.
  • Sell-option option if plans change (option to receive reimbursements for contributions)

Is Rent to Buy Houses in QLD the right choice?

With increasing rent, deposit demands and housing scarcity, rent to own homes offer the best solution for young professionals and growing families. PublicSquare has already helped customers start to rent to buy house in New Sales Wales, and rent to buy house in Victoria. Rent money is dead money and you might not have the opportunity to own your own home should you get stuck in that cycle. PublicSquare wants to help break that cycle and make home ownership an option for everyone, not just people who can afford to put down a big deposit. We eliminate the need to save that 10% to 20% deposit by offering a much more affordable entry point and more options. We take the hassle and stress out of homeownership so you can buy your dream home without having to worry about large initial deposits. Get in touch with us today for more information. 
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All the perks of owning and more

Join the homeowner class
Rent money is dead money. *Access the upside of a rising market and start building wealth through ownership.
Less upfront costs
Get into the housing market sooner without the stress of large deposits and heavy ownership costs. Watch your deposit grow each week while you prep for a home loan.
Full property management
If something needs fixing, contact your dedicated property manager and leave it to them. Renting-to-own is the best of both worlds.
More safety and security
Gain more stability for you and your family. You'll have 7 years to buy the home. As long as you keep up your payments, nobody will be able to kick you out.
Future home-loan guarantee
If you can't obtain home loan, we will sell the property on your behalf with no commission, allowing you to recover your contributions.
Easy application process
Submitting your online application is easy. It's free to apply and won't affect your credit score.

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Free to apply.
No credit impact.