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🎉 Deposit Stacker: Get up to $60,000 Deposit Support!

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Last updated: May 05, 2024
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Up to $60,000 deposit support
Incl. government & builder grants PLUS
up to $18,000 on us! It all stacks up!
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Frequently asked questions

Where do the funds come from?

PublicSquare will provide you with a guaranteed contribution of up to $18,000 to put towards your deposit when you buy a home through us. This works as a 100% dollar for dollar matching of your own savings up to the specified amount per property. Our team are experts in identifying and understanding all potential government grants, programs and lending schemes (there are dozens of them) that apply to your unique circumstances. As part of our process, we will determine which ones you are eligible for, for example, $30,000 in QLD, $15,000 in SA, or $10,000 in other states so you can take advantage of those as well. Additionally, several of our building and lending partners are now offering their own form of rebates or dollar matching on top of what we and the government are already prepared to offer you. When you stack all of these funding sources up, you could get up to $60,000 to put towards your existing deposit! So you may need less savings than you think!

Am I paying more for the home?

No. We don't inflate the home price to cover the contributions you receive. The home prices are set by the builders. As such, thy are the same you would expect to get if you were buying the property direct. Our Deposit Stacker option is just another way we're making it easier to buy your own home.

What is the eligibility criteria?

Deposit Stacker is open to everyone — from first and second-time homeowners to international buyers (no Australian citizenship required). However, unlike our renting-to-own, you will need to purchase the property upfront, using a mortgage. This means that to satisfy most lender requirements, you should have at least 5% of genuine savings plus stable, full-time employment. Additionally, since government grants only apply to first-time homeowners, non first-time homeowners will receive less support overall. However, they can still achieve a great outcome.

Do you offer properties in my area?

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We work with Australia's best-loved and most affordable builders. At any given time, we usually have packages available from more than 35 different builders with properties located throughout Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia, including regional areas. Search our new homes and filter the results for 'Deposit Stacker'.

Can you help me get a mortgage?

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You can use any broker or lender of your choice to secure a mortgage for your property. However, If you'd like a referral, we highly recommend our Connective brokerage partners who specialize in securing mortgages for brand new homes. The Connective Brokers can help you secure a mortgage from a major bank, or non-bank, lender. They also work seamlessly with PublicSquare ensuring that your lender accepts our contributions to use towards your deposit.

How do I get started?

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The first step is getting pre-approved, which is quick and easy, and will not affect your credit score. If you are a homebuyer with sufficient savings to pursue a mortgage, we will reach out to you after you've been pre-approved to help you determine your options. We will also ask you whether you'd like a referral to a broker as part of the process.

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Free to apply.
No credit impact.