50% More Weekly Income Guaranteed

Real Estate Investors: Eliminate the guesswork and accelerate your earnings with 'Rent-to-Sell' investment properties by PublicSquare. Maximize your cashflow while minimizing your risks. See how we make it possible below.

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Selected rent-to-buy home customers enjoying their homes.

Unbeatable Offer:

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3% Cashback At Settlement
Use this money however you like... Stamp duty, mortgage payments, it's up to you.
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50% More Weekly Income
Paid to you on top of rent. Distributed monthly from agency trust account.
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5% Min. Growth P.A, No Cap
Protects you against market downturns while still allowing maximum upside.
*Not for use with other offers.

Simple Process:

1. Secure finance

When you buy a property through PublicSquare, you can use any broker or lender of your choice. However, it's always good to get a second opinion.

Our Connective™️ referral partners work with all major bank, and non-bank, lenders. They specialize in sourcing investor mortgages for brand new properties.

2. Choose property

Discover your ideal property from our extensive selection of new investment properties by top builders such as Ausbuild, Creation Homes, and Burbank.

The price you see is the figure set by the builders, mirroring the price you'd find with any real estate agent.

3. Select tenants

Partnering with premier agencies like Raine & Horne Elite, PublicSquare takes the reins in sourcing, vetting, and securing top-notch tenants for your investment property.

With over 1,000 tenants applying directly to PublicSquare each month, we handle every detail, from matching the right tenant to your investment to coordinating all the paperwork.

Calculate the benefits of 'Rent-to-Sell'

How it works:
Your agreement with our tenants:

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Like buying the traditional way but better...


All the usual tax benefits

Our model does not interfere with the usual tax benefits of owning an investment property. If you'd normally be eligible for depreciation, negative gearing and CGT discounts, you can still make all those claims.

Full-service management

Our platform offers property management services through agency partners such as Raine & Horne Elite. These agencies take full responsibility for conducting inspections and managing all aspects of property upkeep

Stringent compliance

Tenants will engage in a conventional RTA lease agreement directly with you, while their option fees are managed through a Call Option Deed. The agent will adhere to all regulations and standards for leasing and maintaining your property, including processing payments through the agency's trust account

Accelerated returns

The beauty of Rent-to-Sell homes is that you don't have to wait years or decades to start seeing a return. You can bring a significant portion of your earnings forward to help cover mortgage and property costs, or simply to provide you with an income to live on.

Downside protection

By locking in a minimum 5% annual capital appreciation, you can protect yourself against market downturns while still capturing the maximum possible gains when prices go up.

Profit with purpose

The typical Australian family currently requires over a decade to purchase a home. However, with your assistance, they can move in right away and realize their homeownership dreams years ahead of schedule.
Business News Australia | Link to Article
"PublicSquare smashes $2m capital raise... The company represents a new era for the rent-to-buy (and rent-to-sell) homes model that delivers equitable outcomes for (tenants) and investors."
The Courier Mail | Link to Article
"The PublicSquare model allows home buyers to get on the property ladder without holding a mortgage, with the Brisbane-based start-up taking care of the red tape." Participating investors earn exclusive benefits such as 3% cashback on settlement and 50% more weekly income.
ABC News | Link to Article
"PublicSquare is like a forced saving mechanism that helps buyers get into their own homes up to 10 years earlier." In cooperation with local agencies, the company offers real estate investors, profit with purpose.

Invest smarter with 'Rent-to-sell'

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