Hardship Policy

Last updated 06 February 2022


In times of financial hardship, including adverse changes to financial circumstances, Lessees and Tenants in Australia have a range of legal protections to fall back on. 

Should any customer of PublicSquare default on payment obligations to us, PublicSquare will ultimately defer to the laws and generally accepted procedures of the state or region to which the customer's lease agreement is subject.

That being said, PublicSquare may be able to offer additional options to help its customers retain their lease and homes.


The purpose of this policy is to describe a range of potential remedies that PublicSquare may suggest and offer to its customers in the event of payment defaults. This policy may be utilised and applied to all customers of PublicSquare. Our Financial Hardship Policy can help you access support and services when you need them most. 

Are you at risk of defaulting on your payments? We are here to help, and we won't judge you. Please reach out to your Property Manager as soon as possible to arrange a phone call or coffee.

Policy Statement

If you’re in financial stress and are unable to pay money owed to us, we may, in certain circumstances, agree to one or a combination of solutions, including but not limited to:

Deferred weekly debits
In this scenario, the tenant would choose to defer one or more of their weekly lease debits per lease year according to the terms of the lease.

Selling the property as a last resort
In this scenario, the customer would contact PublicSquare to request a sale of the property to a third party buyer at the prevailing market valuation of the property, and would continue living in the property until it has been sold. In some circumstances, the sale of the property may result in a positive financial outcome for the tenant.

Please note that each potential solution listed above will result in financial impacts for you. Please discuss potential financial impacts with an independent Financial Adviser.

Contact Information

PublicSquare welcomes your questions or comments regarding this Policy. If you believe that PublicSquare has not adhered to this policy, please contact PublicSquare at:

PublicSquare Technology Pty Ltd
5 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington, QLD 4064