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2.5% kickstarter payment
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All bills managed and included

PublicSquare manage all of your utilities including electricity, water, gas, and internet, as well as all of your insurances and council rates. We also handle all repairs. So all you need to worry about is one weekly payment.

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Stop renting.
Start owning.

1. Find your dream home

*Choose any house or apartment for sale on or, then secure it with a 2.5% kickstarter payment.

2. We'll handle settlement

We take care of all negotiations and conveyancing. We also pay all upfront costs including stamp duty. You can move-in immediately after settlement.

3. Build up your offset and buy the home when you're ready

*All weekly payments after bills, and 100% of your kickstarter payment will accumulate into your purchase offset. Once your offset reaches 10-20% of the home price, you'll be ready to switch to a home loan and complete your purchase.

Lock in a, fixed purchase price

With PublicSquare, the price of your home appreciates at just 3% per year and all financial upside above that belongs to you. (Statistics: 5.9% average growth rate for apartments and 6.9% for houses; CoreLogic 1993-2018).
SEP 2021
*Australian property prices were $100,000 higher than one year earlier (CoreLogic)
DEC 2022
*If the national average holds, the median price of an Australian home will be more than $1 million
DEC 2024
... Then $1.1 million
DEC 2026
... Then $1.2 million
All the perks from day one
Access to financial upside
Rent money is dead money. *Access the upside of a rising market and start building wealth through ownership.
No resale or evictions
Gain more stability for you and your family. Nobody will be able to sell your property and kick you out.
No physical inspections
Who wants real estate agents in their home? Not us! That's why we do just two inspections per year using video calls.
Flexibility to renovate
Shout out to the weekend warriors! *Renos and upgrades increase the value of your home. We won't hold you back.
Owning pets is up to you. Bring your doggos and kitty-cats. No restrictions. No need to get our permission.
More options. Less stress
Keep more money freed up for other purposes. Watch your purchase offset grow while we help you prep for a home loan.


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