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Move into your dream home for just 3%, then build up your deposit while you live in the property. It's rent-to-own homes by PublicSquare!

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Selected rent-to-buy home customers enjoying their homes.

A better path to homeownership

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Move in for just 3%
(no upfront bond, LMI, or stamp duty)
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Continue building up deposit
(with weekly contributions)
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Switch to home loan when ready
(with our Future-Mortgage Guarantee)

Stop renting.
Start owning.

1. Move in for just 3%

Lock in your dream home for just 3% of the home price, which you can use in full later as your home loan deposit. With PublicSquare, there is no upfront bond, Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI), or stamp duty.

2. Continue building your deposit

Imagine you pay $600 in rent each week. Just add an additional 50% more ($300) as your weekly contributions. Along with your 3% Kickstarter, you'll be on your way to owning your own home.

3. Switch to home loan when ready

Once you've built up enough deposit, you can switch to a home loan and complete your purchase using  lender of your choice. You control the timing, with the option to make the transition at any point within a 4-7 year timeframe. And If you can't get approved for a home loan, our future mortgage guarantee will allow you to sell the home and recover your contributions without paying a sae commission. T&Cs apply.
Selected rent-to-buy home customers enjoying their homes.

Some regions may not be available yet.

A guaranteed purchase price

The base purchase price of your home will appreciate at just 3.3% per year which is less than half the national average. (National average is 6.8% for houses and 5.9% for apartments; CoreLogic 1993-2018). Check out our Calculator for more details.
SEP 2021
*Australian property prices were $100,000 higher than one year earlier (CoreLogic)
DEC 2022
*The average Australian home reached a high of over $940,000*
DEC 2024
... If the national growth rate holds, homes will reach an average $1.1 million*
DEC 2026
... Then $1.2 million*

All the perks of owning and more

Join the homeowner class
Rent money is dead money. *Access the upside of an appreciating asset and start building wealth through ownership.
Less upfront costs
Get into the housing market sooner without the stress of large deposits and heavy ownership costs. Watch your deposit grow each week while you prep for a home loan.
Full property management
If something needs fixing, contact your dedicated property manager and leave it to them. Renting-to-own is the best of both worlds.
More safety and security
Gain more stability for you and your family. You'll have 7 years to complete your purchase. As long as you keep up your payments, nobody will be able to kick you out.
Future mortgage guarantee
If you can't obtain a home loan, we will sell the property on your behalf with no commission, allowing you to recover your contributions.
Easy application process
Submitting your online application is easy. It's free to apply and won't affect your credit score.

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Free to apply.
No credit impact.