How it works

1. Pre-approval

Getting pre-approved is easy. It takes only around 5-minutes and will not impact your credit score. Using our online form, you'll answer some basic questions about your financial and employment circumstances. Once you've been pre-approved, we'll connect you to one of our friendly Application Managers who can answer any of your questions and support you through the rest of the journey.
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2. Final approval

During the final approval stage we will ask you for additional materials such as bank statements to confirm your income, as well as references to confirm your employment. The requirements of the final application are slightly more intensive than a rental application but less so than a mortgage. Just like the pre-approval process, the final application also does not impact your credit score.

3. Choose a home

After you've been fully approved, you're ready to start looking for a home that matches your buying power. Customers on our Essential Plan pay a 3% kickstarter contribution and can choose from any property listed by PublicSquare, most of which get snapped up via email before they even reach our website. So it's important to get pre-approved, ensuring your on our mailing list. For an additional 1.1% Setup Fee, Select Plan customers can choose home for sale on the open market, as long as it fits their buying power, while PublicSquare handle all the red tape.

4. Build up your deposit

You can move into your new home as soon as it's ready. If the home is already built that could be within a mere 4 weeks. Each week you will pay and additional 50% on top of rent as a weekly contribution. So Imagine you pay $600 in weekly rent. Just add an additional $300 more. Along with your 3% Kickstarter, you can fully utilize all these contributions as your deposit when you buy the home. For all figures and breakdowns, check out our calculator.

5. Complete your purchase

You can complete your purchase of the home by switching to a mortgage at any time within a 4-7 year timeframe. The final purchase price of your home will be determined by independent valuer and the full amount of all the contributions you've made can be deducted from the final purchase contract as your deposit. If plans change, you also have the option of nominating another family to takeover your agreement (which is the best option before 4 years) or requesting a sale of the property in the open market (the best option after 4 years) and receiving reimbursements for your contributions. Additional terms and conditions apply, so we recommend you carefully review all our helpdesk articles and speak to your application manager. Remember that the first step is getting pre-approved which takes only around 5 minutes and does your credit score.

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