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🎉 $15,000 New Homeowner Rebate By PublicSquare

Written by Jarrod Wills
Product Specialist
Updated: Dec 18, 2023 | ⏱️ 2-min
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Selected rent-to-buy home customers enjoying their homes.
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Another way we're making it easier

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Buy a brand new home
Your choice of home & estate
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Get a $15,000 rebate from us
On top of all government grants
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Spend it on whatever you like
Furniture, mortgage, it's up to you!
*T&Cs apply. Not for use with other offers.

With Australia's best-loved builders

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Who pays the rebate?

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PublicSquare pays you the rebate. It comes out of our commission for selling you the property. We don't inflate the home price to cover the rebate. We just earn less commission. In addition to our rent-to-own option, this is another way we're making homeownership (or real estate investment) more attainable for you.

Can I put it towards my deposit?

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Yes, it's possible to put the rebate towards your home loan deposit. We just need your lender to agree to receiving a letter from us that explains how much you'll get and when. You can use any broker or lender of your choice. However, if you agree, we would be happy to introduce you to a broker who knows how to work with PublicSquare and the right lenders.

When do I get the rebate?

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You can receive the entire rebate during the final settlement of the property if you're using it for your deposit. Otherwise, we'll transfer it to your bank within 5 business days after settlement.

Do I still get Govt. grants?

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PublicSquare's rebate can be used in conjunction with all new homebuilder grants and home loan schemes provided by the federal and state government. So as an example, if you are a first time homebuyer in Queensland, you could receive a total of $45,000 to put towards your deposit and expenses, including a $30,000 grant from the QLD Government and $15,000 from PublicSquare.

Who is eligible for this?

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The rebate is open to everyone, from first-time homeowners to seasoned investors, including international buyers – no Australian citizenship required. However, unlike our rent-to-own option, you'll need to purchase the property upfront using a mortgage. This means you should ideally have at least 5% genuine savings for a deposit and stable, full-time employment.

What kind of home can I choose?

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We work with Australia's best-loved and most affordable builders. At any given time, we usually have packages available from more than 20 different builders with properties located throughout Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria including regional areas. Search our new homes and look out for tags like 'Commission' or '$15,000' rebate.

How do I get started?

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The first step is getting pre-approved, which is quick and easy and will not impact your credit score. If you are a homebuyer with sufficient savings to pursue a mortgage, we will ask you within the pre-approval form if you are interested in the Commission Rebate We will also ask you whether you'd like a referral to a broker.

Interested in the Commission Rebate?

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