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Rent-to-buy in Sydney 🌞🚢

The record-breaking house prices in Sydney are pricing so many aspiring homeowners out of the market. Paying rent for eternity is a reality for many young professionals and families as it’s almost impossible to save the 10-20% deposit that so many lending institutions ask for. And with house prices continually rising, that 10-20% amount is increasing too, pushing the dream of owning a home further and further away. For those that want to get ahead and get a foot on the property ladder, there is a solution that offers a new path to homeownership. That solution is rent to buy property in Sydney. PublicSquare was formed to bridge the gap between renting and homeownership based on our innovative rent-to-own home product. Read More
<h2>Why you should Rent to Own House in Sydney</h2> <p>With median house prices coming in at a whopping $1,050,000 in Sydney, it’s no surprise that so many people are looking into <strong>rent to buy property</strong>. All you need to get started on your journey to becoming a homeowner is a kickstarter contribution equalling 3% of the property's initial purchase price. Your purchasing power will depend on your income and expenses. Fill out our pre-approval form and we’ll give you an indication of your purchasing power within just a few minutes. We will let you know your final purchasing power once you complete our final application process.</p> <h2>House Rent to Buy in Sydney: How does it work?</h2> <ol> <li>Go through our approval process.</li> <li>Find your dream home in Sydney.</li> <li>If it falls within your purchasing power and you’re able to produce a kickstarter fee of 3% of the property’s price, we will put you forward as an applicant for the property</li> <li>If you're successful, you can move in and start to enjoy your new home.</li> <li>You will pay us a weekly payment that will include your normal rent plus 50% of which will join your initial kickstarter in contributing to your deposit when you buy the home.</li> <li>This means that you can move int your new home, and build up a deposit over time. Then, when the time is right, within a 4-7 year timeframe, find a lender that will help you to complete the purchase.</li> </ol> <p>It’s a simple concept that opens up the property market to those that cannot afford to put down huge deposits.</p> <h2>Why choose PublicSquare?</h2> <p>We our hard working people and households just like yours to gain the freedom that comes with homeownership. We are a young and vibrant company with a mission to provide a game-changing solution to the growing cost of housing.</p> <h2>But what is the catch?</h2> <p><em>“I’m looking for </em><strong><em>houses for rent to own near me in Sydney</em></strong><em>. I’ve found a house I love so what’s the catch?”</em> We do not like surprises at PublicSquare; that’s why we keep everything as transparent and fixed as possible. PublicSquare has already helped customers start to <a href="products/rent-to-own-homes/qld/gold-coast">rent to buy house in Gold Coast</a>, and to <a href="products/rent-to-own-homes/vic/melbourne">rent to buy house in Melbourne</a>. We’re upfront about our fees, rule changes and our obligations. Our calculator details everything you need to know about our product. There is no catch or hidden fees, and we welcome you to get in touch with us today if you have any questions. Or, alternatively, start the pre-approval process now!</p>

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Rent money is dead money. *Access the upside of a rising market and start building wealth through ownership.
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Get into the housing market sooner without the stress of large deposits and heavy ownership costs. Watch your deposit grow each week while you prep for a home loan.
Full property management
If something needs fixing, contact your dedicated property manager and leave it to them. Renting-to-own is the best of both worlds.
More safety and security
Gain more stability for you and your family. You'll have 7 years to complete your purchase. As long as you keep up your payments, nobody will be able to kick you out.
Future mortgage guarantee
If you can't obtain a home loan, we will sell the property on your behalf with no commission, allowing you to recover your contributions.
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