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Rent-to-buy in Melbourne 🎭☕

Welcome to PublicSquare. We offer a new path to homeownership. PublicSquare was formed to bridge the gap between renting and homeownership. Our rent to own home model in Melbourne is ideal for aspiring homeowners who are not quite ready for a mortgage. With prices hitting an all-time high, we offer an alternative to those who are tired of paying rent but don’t have the means to put down a huge deposit on their dream home. Read More
<h2>Rent to Own Houses in Melbourne</h2> <p>Rent is dead money. There's no way of getting around it. You enter a lease agreement with a rental company and, essentially, you sign up to a lease and agree to pay someone else's mortgage. More and more people are realising that it's near impossible to save money for a deposit for a home when the cost of rent is so high. Every month can seem like a struggle and that dream of owning your own home in Melbourne may be getting further and further from your grasp.</p> <p>Now there's a better way. With PublicSquare, you can reduce your time-to-ownership by years while building equity towards your home purchase. We're here to help you achieve your home-owing goals cheaper and faster than you might of thought possible.</p> <h2>How does our Rent to Buy Scheme work?</h2> <ul> <li>Following an approval process, your task will be to choose your dream home and secure it with a 3% kickstarter payment. For Essential Plan customers, you can choose from any of our listed properties it just needs to be within your purchasing power. </li> <li>We will guide you through all stages of the process and you will not have any upfront costs besides the 3% kickstarter and a legal advice report which usually costs around $1,000</li> <li>Once the deal is closed and the property is ready, it will be time for you to move in.</li> </ul> <ul> <li>You'll pay your usual rent plus a 50% weekly contribution, that you can use alongside your kickstarter as your deposit. Once your deposit reaches at least 10% of the price of your home after 4 years, the next step will be to find a lender and complete the purchase.</li> </ul> <h2>What will a Rent-to-Buy House in Melbourne cost?</h2> <p>If you have savings and enough to cover the 3% Kickstarter payment, PublicSquare can initiate the transaction with the owner. Your full 3% kickstarter and weekly contributions can be used later as deposit when completing your purchase. There are no hidden fees or charges and everything is laid out in our calculator.</p> <h2>Why Rent to Buy Houses in Melbourne?</h2> <p>Because our goal is to bridge the gap between renting and ownership. The property market in Melbourne has skyrocketed making it difficult for someone to save for a 10-20% home loan deposit when the prices are rising, pushing the target further and further away. The solution is choosing <strong>rent to buy property in Melbourne</strong>. PublicSquare has already helped customers start to <a href="products/rent-to-own-homes/nsw/sydney">rent to buy houses in Sydney</a>, and to <a href="products/rent-to-own-homes/qld/gold-coast">rent to buy houses in Gold Coast</a>. Contact us today for more information and click the big green pre-approval button to get the process started.</p>

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Rent money is dead money. *Access the upside of a rising market and start building wealth through ownership.
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Get into the housing market sooner without the stress of large deposits and heavy ownership costs. Watch your deposit grow each week while you prep for a home loan.
Full property management
If something needs fixing, contact your dedicated property manager and leave it to them. Renting-to-own is the best of both worlds.
More safety and security
Gain more stability for you and your family. You'll have 7 years to buy the home. As long as you keep up your payments, nobody will be able to kick you out.
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If you can't obtain home loan, we will sell the property on your behalf with no commission, allowing you to recover your contributions.
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