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Rent-to-buy in Gold Coast 🎢🏖️

A rent-to-own home in Gold Coast, QLD is exactly what you might think it is. PublicSquare offers you the opportunity to move into your dream home within weeks and you don't have to have a large deposit to make it happen. PublicSquare was formed to bridge the gap between renting and homeownership on our rent-to-own home service. We purchase the home on your behalf and you pay us a weekly fee while building equity and, eventually, when the time is right, you purchase the home from us. That's the simplified version; let's take a look at how the process works and what you can expect. Read More
<h2>Rent to own on the Gold Coast: How does it work?</h2> <p>Following a financial assessment and the payment of 2.5% Kickstarter towards the cost of your home, you will enter into a legal agreement with the owner of the property. This agreement sets out all obligations and requirements including your kickstarter payment, weekly payments, buyout clause etc. Our leases extend for up to 5 years allowing you to live in the home once you adhere to the agreement or until you find a lender that will help you complete the purchase, which you can do after three years.</p> <h2>Why should I choose a Rent to Buy Home on the Gold Coast</h2> <p>We hope it's because you've found the home of your dreams. If so, and you are now realizing that you can't, or don't want to put down a hefty deposit, we're here to help you see that there is another option.</p> <p>House prices have skyrocketed along with demand in QLD. What has not skyrocketed are salaries and spending power, and this has left many professionals and young families stuck in the rent cycle while trying to build up huge deposits.</p> <p>PublicSquare makes your journey to home ownership a much easier and more stress-free one. We do this by providing some of the most competitive rent to buy payment options on the market.</p> <h2>Let Us Introduce Ourselves</h2> <p>With our roots in Brisbane, PublicSquare is proud to offer the best <strong>no deposit homes on the Gold Coast</strong> providing you the opportunity to <strong>rent to buy your house</strong>. Noticing high prices, huge deposits and a widening gap in purchase power, our aim is to provide an innovative alternative to homeownership. We want to provide a solution to the growing housing issue in Australia.</p> <h2>What benefits does Rent to Buy provide over traditional methods?</h2> <ul> <li>Following pre-approval and a financial assessment, you must provide a 2.5% Kickstarter contribution towards the cost of your home; this can be used later to offset the final cost of your home once you gain enough equity to purchase.&nbsp;</li> <li>If we can secure your home, you can move in within weeks rather than years.</li> <li>And unlike rental companies, we include all utilities in one weekly payment so you don't have to stress about finding insurance and negotiating rates. We don't take a cut and this is a free, complimentary add-on.</li> <li>Your initial costs may include some legal fees and a few others that will be reimbursed to you, ensuring initial costs are kept to a minimum.&nbsp;</li> <li>We also provide a price lock guarantee meaning your payments and the base purchase price of your home will never increase more than 3.3% per year.</li> </ul> <br/> <h2>Get In Touch for your Rent-to-Own Home</h2> <p>Are you determined to own your own home and get ahead financially? Are you tired of paying rent (someone else's mortgage)? Do you feel a little uncertain when it comes to your future? Have you found your dream home in Gold Coast? If yes, a <strong>rent to buy real estate scheme </strong>might just be the key to your future success and happiness as a homeowner. Besides the Gold Coast, PublicSquare can also give would-be homebuyer the opportunity to secure a <a href="products/rent-to-own-homes/qld/cairns">rent to buy house in Cairns</a>, and <a href="products/rent-to-own-homes/qld/sunshine-coast">rent to buy house on the Sunshine Coast</a>. Get pre-approved with us now for more information.</p>

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