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PublicSquare's Solar Mandate: A Win-Win for Your Wallet and the Planet

Written by Dean Arnold
Founder & CEO, PublicSquare
Updated: Sep 17, 2023 | ⏱️ 4-min read
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Sep 17, 2023
⏱️ 4-min read

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<h2>Solar Upgrades for Plus Customers</h2>Starting in July 2023, all eligible <a href='/products/rent-to-own-homes'>rent-to-own homes</a> of PublicSquare Plus customers will be upgraded with a solar package capable of offsetting nearly 100% of total electricity needs.<br><br><h2>Why are we doing this?</h2>At PublicSquare, we're all about helping Australians join the homeownership class and get ahead financially. <br><br>Yes, our Solar Pledge has significant environmental benefits, but the main driver is financial.<br><br>Solar power, once a symbol of green consciousness, is now an economic no-brainer, especially against the backdrop of rising energy costs and disappearing subsidies.<br><br>Just like our rent-to-buy homes product, we've designed our Solar Packages to ease your financial burden, not add to it.<br><br><h2>What are the numbers?</h2>Here's a calculator to estimate your potential savings and return on investment. <br><br>Every property will be a bit different, and not every home will be eligible. So please check with your Application or Property Manager to discuss the details.<br><br><div class="calculator" data-calc-id="6Co5ZSoSTmP32CWKc" data-type="framed" style="width: 100%;"></div><br><script src="" async="true"></script><br><br>As you can see from the calculator, the estimated financial benefits of adding solar to your home are impressive.<br><br>Additionally, when you switch to a mortgage and finalize the purchase of your rent-to-buy home, you'll be getting a value-added asset through the increased equity in your home, and most of the costs of your solar package will be amortized into your home loan.<br><br>Moreover, you won't have to worry about racking up any debts for the installation. At PublicSquare, we shoulder the responsibility of the upfront costs for the solar setup. <br><br>And if you choose not to purchase the home, we'll take care of paying off the outstanding install costs. Meaning there are no liabilities on your end.<br><br><h2>Does PublicSquare earn a commission?</h2>Yes, in some instances, our company will receive a commission from the suppliers, typically between $1,000 and $2,000. <br><br>However, this commission is absorbed by the supplier and does not inflate the price of your package. <br><br>In fact, if providing you with solar was just a matter of earning commissions, it wouldn't make much business sense for our company. <br><br>The reason we do it is to provide you with unbeatable value and savings as part of our rent-to-own homes product. <br><br><h2>Can I choose the package type?</h2>Yes! Our solar packages will eventually come in two different configurations to match the size of your household. <br><br>Each will be equipped with high-quality solar panels and batteries from leading manufacturers such as Tesla or Chelion, who can offer long warranties. <br><br>However, even if your household only includes 2-3 people, you may want to consider the return on investment for higher capacity systems. <br><br>When selling or refinancing your property, these systems may provide a higher return on investment which outweighs the slightly higher costs in the interim.<br><br><img src='' alt='According to our supplier, every year your 12kw solar system will save 518 trees. 8602L of petrol and 9776kg of coal.' style='width:100%;' /><span class='text-small caption-text text-muted'>According to our supplier, every year your 12kw solar system will save 518 trees. 8602L of petrol and 9776kg of coal.</span><br><br><h2>Will it offset all electricity?</h2>Your 12kw solar system and battery will be capable of providing sufficient energy to cover the usage of an approximately five-person household. <br><br>If you opt for the reduced capacity system, it will be capable of offsetting a 3-person household. <br><br>However, the actual coverage may vary depending on individual usage habits, energy efficiency measures, and climatic conditions.<br><br>Solar systems generate electricity only when the sun is shining. <br><br>While excess power can be stored in your battery for use at night or during periods of prolonged cloud cover, there may still be a utility bill for electricity, which you will not have to pay for yourself but will be added to the final purchase price of your rent-to-buy home.
Written by Dean Arnold
Founder & CEO, PublicSquare
About me: Passionate about providing a better path to homeownership and financial freedom. Also interested in technology.

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