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Jude's Inner-City Two-Bedder in Toowong

Written by Jarrod Wills
Product Expert, PublicSquare
Updated: Oct 11, 2023 | ⏱️ 3-min read
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Oct 11, 2023
⏱️ 3-min read

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<h2>Testimonial From Jude</h2>⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐<br><em>'Not only do I recommend PublicSquare, I believe that they have a model, style, process and organizational focal point that is best in market.'</em><br><br><h2>About Jude</h2>Jude is a senior HR consultant for a multinational software company. <br><br>He's an avid international traveller plus marathon runner with a business management degree from The University of Queensland and an MBA from the Australian Institute of Business. <br><br>He is also a proud father of two boys aged two and fourteen.<br><br><h2>Why Jude Chose PublicSquare: </h2>Jude works full-time from home, so the lure of an inner-city property close to numerous cafes and the Brisbane river was too good to pass up. Having his children attend schools in the local area was also a big plus.<br><br>'My son's key focus is offered in a specialist program with an outstanding public school... to ensure he was eligible to attend this school, I needed to relocate and reside in the catchment area' Jude told PublicSquare. <br><br>By foregoing the typical upfront costs of homeownership—including the deposit, stamp duty, and LMI—PublicSquare has enabled Jude to get into the market years earlier than would have otherwise been possible.<br><br><img src='' alt='Front entrance of Jude's apartment building' style='width:100%;' /><span class='text-small caption-text text-muted'>Front entrance of Jude's apartment building</span><br><br><h2>Additional Benefits of "Rent-to-Own</h2>'PublicSquare allowed me to pick the property I wanted to live in, so I could choose the suburb and do the legwork to find what worked for me. No cookie-cutter properties were assigned to me. This was all in my hands, which was undeniably gratifying' Jude told PublicSquare.<br><br>'The fact that the price is locked in at a predetermined annual increase, that is more than reasonable, is exactly what helps me sleep at night. Consistency and structure make me very happy! I have no fear of missing out on the property explosion' Jude said. <br><br>With the demands of managing international team members at all hours of the day, Jude found the prospect of a lengthy, drawn-out home loan procedure very unappealing. So he appreciated the speed at which PublicSquare operates.<br><br>'Their application forms were so simple to use, upload and submit. The portal is world-class, and their assistance in suggesting who to speak with from a compliance, legal and financial standpoint (whilst offering the freedom to select whomever), as well as the reimbursements for all, was just sensational.'<br><br>'Jarrod and Dean are tremendous professionals and were there any time I needed them for advice, support, information and guidance. They practice what they preach in terms of helping people through this often tricky situation of homeownership and were just commendable, comprehensive, honest and hospitable at every moment.'
Written by Jarrod Wills
Product Expert, PublicSquare
About me: 5+ years of experience in the mortgage and lending space before joining PublicSquare. Passionate about providing excellent customer service.

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