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Case Example: Investment Property in Townsville, QLD

Written by Jarrod Wills
Product Expert, PublicSquare
Updated: Oct 16, 2023 | ⏱️ 5-min read
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Oct 16, 2023
⏱️ 5-min read

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First National Townsville
<h2>Rent-to-Sell Property in Townsville</h2><h3>Introduction</h3>The proprietors of a delightful residence in Townsville found themselves at a crossroads, and it was PublicSquare that offered them a unique and beneficial solution. Introduced to us through one of our esteemed referral partners, the couple had initially purchased their property back in 2014. Faced with escalating investor mortgage repayments and various other outlays such as council rates, they were contemplating the idea of selling their home. Yet, the prospect of high marketing expenses and substantial sales commissions was far from appealing. Despite the unexpected financial burdens of property ownership, their desire was to continue earning a return on their investment and ultimately, achieve a profitable outcome.<br><br><h3>The Property</h3>A spacious 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom abode, nearing a decade in age and sitting on a generous 695sqm block. Nestled in close proximity to Townsville city, the location boasts easy highway access and a seamless commute to key landmarks such as Annandale's Lavarack Barracks, Douglas's JCU, and the Townsville Hospital.<br><br><img src='' alt='Front view of Townsville investment property' style='width:100%;' /><span class='text-small caption-text text-muted'>Front view of Townsville investment property</span><br><br><h2>Owner Benefits</h2><h3>1. A 100% Stamp Duty Offset</h3>- Opting for PublicSquare not only provides an initial 3% cash payment for all properties leased but also offers a complete stamp duty offset for those yet to make a purchase. This feature significantly enhances the financial attractiveness of our platform.<br><br><h3>2. High Yield</h3> - Our unique rent-to-sell model ensures that property owners enjoy a 50% rental premium over standard market rates. For this particular property, that translates to a robust 7.5% yield, equating to an additional annual income of over $10,000 – a stark contrast to the typical 5% yields observed in this region. This shift from a negative gearing scenario to a profitable weekly return was a game-changer for the owners.<br><br><h3>3. Quality Tenant</h3> - The high demand for properties within the PublicSquare portfolio ensures that we can be exceptionally selective, often securing tenancies with professionals of the highest calibre. Given that our tenants are potential future homeowners, they embody an owner-occupier mindset, ensuring the property is maintained meticulously throughout the duration of their lease.<br><br><h3>4. Capital Appreciation</h3> - Our model guarantees a minimum of 5% annual capital growth, safeguarding our property owners from market fluctuations and ensuring they are well-positioned to capitalise on any upswings in property values.<br><br><h2>PublicSquare's Role</h2><strong>Initial Consultations:</strong> Our team provided a comprehensive property valuation and introduced the owners to the unique advantages of partnering with PublicSquare. A thorough building and pest inspection was also facilitated to preempt any potential tenant placement issues.<br><br><strong>Advertising:</strong> We crafted an attractive property listing, complete with professional photographs and a detailed floor plan, promoting the property through various channels including, our own website, and our extensive email database.<br><br><strong>Tenant Placement:</strong> Over a four-week period, the property garnered interest from more than 120 households. Approximately 30% of these applicants were pre-approved, boasting annual household incomes in excess of $150,000, pristine credit histories, and excellent references. Our sophisticated online platform streamlined the application process, allowing us to present the owners with the cream of the crop for final approval.<br><br><strong>Property Management:</strong> We seamlessly integrated with the existing property management team, ensuring they were fully briefed and equipped to manage the property under the new rental structure.<br><br><strong>Closing the Deal:</strong> All necessary documentation was meticulously prepared and distributed to all parties involved, including the owners, incoming tenants, and their respective legal representatives, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free transaction.<br><br><h2>Conclusion:</h2>Embarking on a journey with PublicSquare has transformed the financial trajectory of this Townsville property, converting potential financial strain into a profitable and secure investment. The owners now enjoy peace of mind, secure in the knowledge that their property is in good hands and continuing to work for them.<br><br><h3>Ready to get started?</h3>Download our informative fact sheet or book your complimentary info session today to start your journey towards maximised returns and greater peace of mind.
Written by Jarrod Wills
Product Expert, PublicSquare
About me: 5+ years of experience in the mortgage and lending space before joining PublicSquare. Passionate about providing excellent customer service.

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